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19th Feb 2019, 11:37
Has anyone read the utter tripe passing for a news article in news.com.au today?

i reckon my dog could do a better job of reporting on aviation news, he would be able to root out actual relevant stories and at the same time be amazingly cute.

this crap about “easy victor” and the transmission to the known cosmos (or what rates as the known cosmos for news.com.au readers) of the covert hijack code is real helpful - not.

i wish an editor or someone in a position to do so would confiscate their books written by retired American pilots and cabin crew who had a different experience to us here in Australia.

there is a lot they do well there in the US, but this sort of horseshit isn’t it.

19th Feb 2019, 11:53
Neil Hansford is their go to "expert". Need I say more? It's a click bait tabloid.

dr dre
19th Feb 2019, 13:09
Although media coverage of aviation is generally lacking, news.com.au is probably the worst alongside the Daily Mail.

The lead story on news.com.au is about Married at First Sight. Shows you how what their idea of “news” has become (or just society in general).

19th Feb 2019, 14:22
Unlawful Interferance SSR code 7500 is not covert. Look in AIP ENR 1.6. This is a public document.

6.4.2 The pilot of an aircraft subject to unlawful interference should select code 7500. On receipt of this code the controller will: etc.....

19th Feb 2019, 21:25
You’re surprised that a website which quotes Geoffrey Thomas is producing crap content?

19th Feb 2019, 22:21
Dr Dre, perhaps covert was a little strong, perhaps not widely broadcast is a better description and certainly when I started flying it was always communicated to me as being something we didn’t advertise.

that said I suspect the intent is that you put something into th txpdr that alerts the ground but doesn’t necessarily alert the hijackers, so while it is in AIP, my gut feel is that except for the sophisticated terrorist, not many bad guys would have a read of the AIP before trying to unlawfully interfere with an aeroplane.

if they did they would know that trying to pinch and aeroplane full of people was naughty :)

tail wheel
19th Feb 2019, 23:47
News.com.au reporting of aviation

URL Link??

19th Feb 2019, 23:50

19th Feb 2019, 23:51
News com au ... o dear.

​​​​​​​That's yer problem.

tail wheel
20th Feb 2019, 00:19
OK, yes, the article is a bit ordinary.

But it is likely to excite a few 6 year old kids, especially if they get a set of kids wings and a colouring in book! :}

20th Feb 2019, 01:02
Here’s a good one.


‘Fog Filled the Cabin after leaving the runway’

Door 1L is open :ugh:

20th Feb 2019, 01:45
First time I’ve ever heard of the phrase “Easy Victor”, so it’s news to me! :}

Hopefully this sort of article indicates that our actual covert phrases and codes remain so.

20th Feb 2019, 04:43
Co pilot's Vic's sector. Aircraft approaches the gate a little too fast. Co pilot stomps on brakes. Captain "Hey, easy Victor!" Chaos ensues.

20th Feb 2019, 18:39
I spat out my coffee :D