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13th Feb 2019, 23:50
It seems that airlines have still not understood the power of social media to break their corporate PR. This is from Australia and on Yahoo, so there will be adverts in the page.

A young woman from the Gold Coast in Australia has accused Jetstar of “slut shaming” her and attempting to apologise with a $50 (£27.50) travel voucher.

Shoshana Strykert, 28, had just waited five hours to catch a flight to the Gold Coast on Friday so she could visit her mother in hospital.

After settling for a flight to Brisbane, the small business owner boarded the plane in a black, cropped singlet; loose, beige pants and a pair of sandals.

It was an outfit that Ms Strykert never questioned as being inappropriate – but as she revealed in a scathing open Facebook post to the airline, one flight attendant did.
Yahoo news (https://uk.style.yahoo.com/woman-slut-shamed-outfit-airline-offered-27-apology-im-disgusted-145646414.html)

Hotel Tango
14th Feb 2019, 09:41
Scandalous! That is not inappropriate for a young lady, especially in the temperatures they've been experiencing!

14th Feb 2019, 13:49
I was on a flight recently, and I could have sworn there was a chap not wearing a tie. :O

Hotel Tango
14th Feb 2019, 13:54
I was on a flight recently, and I could have sworn there was a chap not wearing a tie. https://www.pprune.org/images/smilies/embarass.gif

:eek: surely not?! Reminded me of the days when that was a must when travelling non-rev. I don't miss them!

14th Mar 2019, 08:35
And the likes of this lady was employed back in the early noughties..how times have changed...https://amp.businessinsider.com/why-hooters-air-airline-failed-2018-10

16th Mar 2019, 08:50
Airlines do have a valid point sometimes though. Some people are borderline provocative. This one doing the news rounds this week, surprised it was missed,
The line has to be drawn somewhere, Would she dress like that to go a Middle Eastern airline and expect to get away with it ?

16th Mar 2019, 11:22
We all hope our flights as SLF will be uneventful, but even if you found yourself queueing outside for the steps in a rainstorm would you want to be so exposed to the elements? And as for an on-board fire situation or an emergency evacuation, you would do yourself unexpected damage to your assets and more if you weren't covered up .....

Wannabe Flyer
17th Mar 2019, 08:53
There is a very distinctive line in what is appropriate & what is not in every geography (reference the Middle Eastern comment). From the photographs she has posted & the geography she is in & flying within I cannot understand what the fuss is for Jetstar. Absolutely normal clothing........at least from the photographs. I am all for being respectful to a culture by not imposing ones views on them & an airline doing this for the most part is for your benefit, however this seems to be an overreach.

17th Mar 2019, 10:05
Look, am I a man of this world, just like anyone else, but this girl does like to flaunt her assets, just look at her facebook photos from the link, and she knows what she is doing. She is wearing what is basically a bikini top on a flight, that leaves little to the imagination, so would it be ok to have worn a bikini bottom and flipflops as well ? I don't think the airline should have apologised to her. Now she is going to milk it for every penny it is worth, even being on morning tv show about it. Flaunt it on the beach ok, not to the passengers that have to sit next to you on a flight.

Stan Woolley
17th Mar 2019, 11:08
Look, am I a man of this world, just like anyone else,

I can’t help you I’m afraid. I sympathise what with all this gender confusion. ;)

Silly people fussing about silly things, imo.

17th Mar 2019, 13:42
If you don't want to be "slut shamed" (extraordinary phraseology, that one!) perhaps it's best not to dress like a slut?

19th Mar 2019, 08:33
This news current and posted on 'Rumours and News' (why on rumours and news ? ) , big punchup with two guys, all over a woman walking around barefoot in the cabin is probably relevent to this discussion. If there was a definate rule about not boarding in barefoot/flipflops and walking around barefoot, this may not have happened. The cabin crew should be able to enforce these rules, and staff at the gate should also be able to forbid people to board in inapproapriate attire.


19th Mar 2019, 13:40
I once flew on a commercial service where the pilot was barefoot :-)

Espada III
19th Mar 2019, 14:37
It's a hot country where traditionally people do go around wearing less than they might do elsewhere in the world. It's not unsightly, and frankly those of you implying that she should have known better are deluding yourselves.

She has not dresssed 'like a slut' and is far better dressed than the girl from Birmingham to whom the same happened a couple of weeks back flying to Tenerife. Her facebook photos are irrelevant to the matter. Jetstar have made a mountain out of a molehill here. If they want to enforce some form of dress code, then they should publicise it on their website.