View Full Version : On line Student records?

12th Feb 2019, 21:32
Looking for a way to do student records on line, these obviously need to be secure but accessible by instructors both to read and add lessons to. Suggestions welcome.

Banana Joe
12th Feb 2019, 23:32

13th Feb 2019, 07:00
Jast had a look, does not really seem suitable??

13th Feb 2019, 13:57
Having used flightlogger, I can concur, it is an excellent flight school system for recording all manner of records, particularly student records. It can be tailored to school requirements.

13th Feb 2019, 14:00
G drive or similar and the records in PDF files password protected.
If you are thinking big then Flightlogger or similar.

13th Feb 2019, 14:28
I have used Talon-systems.com ETA package from the FI perspective. I wasn't too impressed by it but it did do the job. This was several years ago so it may have improved by now. That's the expensive solution of course.

For the cheap and simple solution, find an online storage site that allows shared access to folders as suggested. Please do read the small print before signing up though, if its free or cheap, you may be signing away the rights to anything you upload and you don't want to do that with your student files.

13th Feb 2019, 17:56
Flightlogger is a good system for storage but absolutely crap at reporting - limited in standard reports their philosophy is “you can export it to Excel” which doesn’t make my life easier.

Talon is OK but both that and flighogger are expensive and probably prohibitively so for a small aero club environment.

Google drive or similar for pdf documents offers a small solution.