View Full Version : Buccaneer to leave these shores

2nd Aug 2002, 00:47
The Buccaneer S.2B ZU-NIP/XW986 is scheduled to leave Exeter at 9:00 am on Saturday August 3rd. It will be routing to South Africa via Brindisi and all points south. :(

5th Aug 2002, 15:30

6th Aug 2002, 23:19
It left the UK, or rather Exeter just before midday on Sunday on its first stage of its ferry flight. That now leaves only one, perhaps two, in the UK that can be made airworthy :(


7th Aug 2002, 18:43
She sure made a big exit!!!

Went past my window at approx 1500' heading back to the airport where she got lower and faster and faster and lower. Did what I can only describe as a bombing run at the runway, left turn past her hanger before climbing and making her way off the the east.

A fine sight, sorry to see her go.