View Full Version : Vietnam Alilines New A321 enroute techinal landing

7th Feb 2019, 20:59
Brand new Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321neo registration VN-A621 on its delivery flight VN96 from Hamburg to Hanoi via Baku landed in Lahore with a shut down engine at 12:46 AM on February 7.

The A321 is still in Lahore.

Info source and for further reading: Incident: Vietnam A21N near Lahore on Feb 6th 2019, engine shut down in flight (http://avherald.com/h?article=4c3e23bd)

Capn Bloggs
8th Feb 2019, 12:03
This one's broken. I want another!

Hotel Tango
8th Feb 2019, 15:35
Now where did I put the warranty paperwork?