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Dark Knight
2nd Feb 2019, 23:06
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is planning to introduce the drone registration and accreditation scheme progressively in the second half of 2019.
Under the proposal most recreational drones weighing more than 250 grams will need to be registered annually using a simple online process. Recreational drone operators who only ever fly indoors, or only at an approved model aircraft airfield will be exempt from the need to do registration and accreditation.
Drones of all weights operated at any time for commercial purposes will also need to be registered annually.

Part of the scheme is accreditation that will require people to do a short online education course, based around a video. This will be followed by a short online quiz. Accreditation will be required for people who don’t hold a remote pilot licence, unless they’re operating a drone 250 grams or under, or participating at an approved model airfield. Accreditation will need to be renewed every three years.

It is proposed that people will need to be 16 years or older to register a drone, with younger people to be supervised by a person over 18 years old who is accredited.

The online process of drone registration and accreditation is estimated to take about 15 minutes for most people to complete.

CASA’s CEO and Director of Aviation Safety, Shane Carmody, said the proposed drone registration and accreditation scheme will bring a range of safety and community benefits.

“The proposed scheme will make sure everyone who flies a drone knows what the safety rules are,” Mr Carmody said.

“It will also mean we can effectively target safety information to the people who need it.

“Importantly, it will make it easier for authorities to identify when someone is breaking the drone safety rules and to take the appropriate action, which can be penalties of up to $10,500.”

The Federal Government has supported the introduction of a mandatory accreditation and registration system for drones. This was in a response to the recommendation from a Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport inquiry.

Exactly how d CASA plan to police this? Examiners of Drones supported by another Bureaucratic collection of Drones (oops Sorry; Clerks) cloistered in back rooms tasked with inventing irrelevant reams of regulations, questions, exams to fulfill another 1176 pages of Regulations supported by 1259 pages of a Drone Manual of Standards?
Drone Police to catch rogue operators thence taken to court to be released on bail eventually, after maybe a year so, re-appearing in court pleading innocence due to self diagnosed mental, marital, substance related problems therefore given, if not just admonished, a couple of weeks community service?

CASA after all this time cannot even get Part 61 correct, operating efficiently let alone all other areas of endeavour.

Just ignore them and go fly one's drone responsibly..

3rd Feb 2019, 01:42
Just ignore them and go fly one's drone responsibly..

I suppose so....I don't fly them.....My Son and I have a few RC models we fly together occasionally in the local park. Spot landing competitions etc. A whole heap of fun....but what...will I need to go get an online 'accreditation' for spending time with my Son...doing something we've done together long before drones were even invented?!?!?

Pinky the pilot
3rd Feb 2019, 02:09
Exactly how do CASA plan to police this?

Exactly! Whilst the idea may be of some merit, I suspect that all that will happen is yet another expensive, muddled round of bureaucratic and pettifogged bungling!:*:ugh:

I sincerely hope I am proved wrong , but CASA have not exactly covered themselves in glory over the last number of years when it comes to Legislation rewriting.:hmm:

Buster Hyman
3rd Feb 2019, 05:48
Having flown them commercially, I get more grief/attitude from locals which makes one fly within the rules more than any paper threats from CASA. If I wasn't on their mailing list, I wouldn't know they still existed!

6th Feb 2019, 03:31
Having just retired, I was looking forward to a life that had no involvement with these half wits. They even managed to screw up my final medical renewal, as a final item to remember their ongoing incompetence.

The drones are out there, in fairly large numbers. I wonder how they'll go rounding most of their owners?

Scooter Rassmussin
8th Feb 2019, 00:11
I guess ill have to buy the Stealth versions if I want to cruise in the Flight Levels.

29th May 2019, 03:39
I don't see any update on progress with this proposal. July is only five weeks away and legislation is a slow process. Standing by for an announcement of a new date for implementation.

21st Jun 2019, 11:12
Tick tock. Ten days until July. No sign of the licence rules.

24th Jun 2019, 08:00
Ahhh but there is "progress".... CASA are getting rid of their app to check if you are in a no fly zone. Now drone users who want to follow the rules will need to use a not yet developed third party app. Safety improvement?

24th Jun 2019, 22:29
The CASA app may well have been full of holes, but I found it quite useful on a trip across Oz. I’m sure app developers will just be falling over themselves to write something.

4th Jul 2019, 04:06


So some progress on a "drone" app.

No progress on the drone registration issue.