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The Bullwinkle
2nd Feb 2019, 10:48


2nd Feb 2019, 10:58
Hopefully we stick with procedure and he/she
will be released tonight citing mental health issues and wonít front a court for another 500 years. The circus rolls on...:D

Dee Vee
2nd Feb 2019, 20:20

Started to watch this story on ABC news last night, initially (from the new banner) it looked like a serious problem, after a few minutes I was totally furious with the ABC.

Apparently some domestc violence nutcase closed down the entire airport?? Why??

Their news presenter was asking some poor journo on the ground questions like, "Are the taxi's still running", "what are the people thinking", "What are the people doing"

One of the responses the journo made a few times was "Well a plane just left for FIJI, as if that was the only thing that mattered, but he seemed to have no other knowledge about any thing else except this one departure for FIJI.

I mean, seriously, it was like kindergarten questions/journalism.

2nd Feb 2019, 20:35
Missed it last night but it was all over the radio this morning. Sounded like a complete farce. Just some nutter running around with a knife. Shame someone couldn't just trip him.

2nd Feb 2019, 21:55
Welcome to the world of hyper-reactivity where everyone is sh!t scared of becoming a trending hashtag for all the wrong reasons. "How is this going to look on twitter if it all goes wrong" is the decision making matrix now. The world has become a two dimensional reactionary echo chamber for anyone in position of authority.

2nd Feb 2019, 22:03
Should have shot him and saved millions in trials and custody!

2nd Feb 2019, 22:13
They did shoot him. Just with Rubber bullets which would be smarting a bit today. Can't see anyone here confronting someone with a knife who was agitated and chasing people. 7 Flights had to try and check in and get out with crew duty time issues so hopefully they all got out.

3rd Feb 2019, 00:33
Can't see anyone here confronting someone with a knife who was agitated and chasing people
i imagine there are a few on this board that would do just that.

cee cee
3rd Feb 2019, 03:07
He was not just a nutter with a knife, he was a nutter who built a fake bomb and brought that and a knife to the terminal with the aim of threatening people. In light of that, I do not think that the police over reacted.

From https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-03/suspected-explosive-device-1/10775238
https://cimg5.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/940x627/10775226_3x2_940x627_317aacc607d64b38b5515657e2a881c190f9615 3.jpg

The police treated the threat so seriously that they even locked down and searched a car park and apartment block an hour away (probably where the perpetrator lives).

3rd Feb 2019, 09:32
And if the fake bomb wasnít actually a fake and blew up people would be blaming the cops. They canít win.

3rd Feb 2019, 10:29
TBM Legend, Precisely.
Standing there threatening all and sundry with a knife and what we now, with 20/20 hindsight, know to be fake bomb, the only question is why didn’t the police not save a squillion tax payer dollars and dispatch the drongo to the big asylum in the sky?

3rd Feb 2019, 21:45
The yellow thing is a SuperCheap Auto digital multi meter.

4th Feb 2019, 01:59
Interesting - no details on the perp but one bit that slipped through was that one of the police just happened to speak Arabic and this was useful.

4 Holer
4th Feb 2019, 02:13
He would have got shot in the head in a USA Airport straight up....

BTW Remember your Sydney Cafe hostage stand off went 24 hours then the cops killed a few people. Over here the Cafe standoff would have gone like this = After 20 Minutes two swat snipers get into position with their spotter. Chuck the sniper #1 says to Larry the spotter hold my ice donut for a minute, hey Gus Sniper #2 put a couple rounds in the top of the window to break it and I will take the dude out with a head shot. 30 seconds later its all over and chuck, Larry and Gus give each other a high five and go to the diner, no inquiry just fill in a form and hose the guy out.

Australians weak as piss ( politically correct to many inquiries )

Mach E Avelli
4th Feb 2019, 03:18
Nick & Lucille, I find myself in complete agreement. When in doubt, take 'em out.....
This idiot will now cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands or even millions in legal fees, mental assessments and attempted rehabilitation. As well as having cost disrupted airlines more millions. But our cops are bound by strict rules and probably could do no more than they did without Divine Clearance from the Queen, the Governor General, Prime Minister and Commissioner of Police.
As for deciding he is mentally unfit, of course he is. All criminals are mentally unfit - it just varies on a scale starting at 'stupid' and ending at 'deranged', with this germ encompassing the entire spectrum.

4th Feb 2019, 03:48
I'm surprised that no f'wits have (as yet) demanded extra security checking to be done before being allowed into the terminal.

4th Feb 2019, 07:53
Easy to criticise the police and airport authorities of overreacting with the benefit of hindsight.

When the threat level is unknown (almost always at first) it can be prudent to assume the worst and get everyone out until you know what the threat level is.

With recent events around the world and locally, anything is on the cards these days.

cee cee
4th Feb 2019, 11:42
Why are some people advocating for the abolishment of due process and the institution of a police state in Australia?
Haven't we seen enough examples around the world right now to know that it is a bad idea?

Do we want the shoot first then plant drugs and guns later by Philippine police (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippine_Drug_War)? Do we want to have people routinely disappearing when they are secretly taken by the police like China (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-45806904), Argentina in the 70s and 80s (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirty_War#Disappeared_held_under_PEN), or the other countries in this list (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forced_disappearance#Examples) ?

Over here the Cafe standoff would have gone like this

You will also need to consider the other results of a trigger happy police where people who called the police for help and then get shot by them (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Justine_Damond)
and being shot by police just because someone does not like you (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swatting#Injuries_or_deaths_due_to_swatting)