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29th Jan 2019, 15:42
The threads on Fiji Airways are a bit dated.

Why the high demand for flightdeck crew? Expansion? High crew turnover due unhappiness?

Their website does not show a large fleet and otherwise do not hear any negative feedback. Any idea how big the 737 Max order is?

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30th Jan 2019, 00:02
Lousy pay as far as I am aware,way below comparable airline rates.

30th Jan 2019, 02:58
Expat FOs don’t seem to get commands.

4th Feb 2019, 03:11
It’s an airline for guys that ‘don’t fit’ in other airlines in the region like VA, JQ, JetConnect etc. So they have some odd ball characters that work there....... :ugh:

They pay similar to VANZ JQNZ JC. But there is no seniority and zero progression into A330. They have a “list six foot long” of expat Fijians working for airlines in UAE with widebody time wanting to come home.

All guys and girls on the 737, or even A330 FO that have commuting contracts all eventually get sick of Nadi and the crappy contract.

Commuting for sims has been another pain in the arse for some. But they’re getting their simulator centre this year so that should change.

Pacific took some of the less “enthusiastic” FO’s from a previous company. They seem happy. I’m not enthusiastic about keeping tabs on them though. The ones that couldn’t fly out of a paper bag went to Qatar.

4th Feb 2019, 05:23
Didn't FJ just lease another two A330-200's ? Ex Seychelles I believe.

27th Mar 2019, 01:38
What's the tax situation for Aussies working for FJ?

27th Mar 2019, 10:10
A lifestyle job for someone who’s already cashed up and can afford to fly for beer money.