View Full Version : Thai Airways Heathrow - which lounge?

28th Jan 2019, 21:28
My wife and I are shortly to fly on holiday with Thai Airways from Heathrow, we are lucky to be flying business class. I gather Thai is part of the’Star Alliance’ and so we have the option to use one of several lounges at Terminal 2. Can the team give us any advice as to which lounge is the best overall experience? We are both fit so walking from a lounge to the departure gate is not an issue. The www seems to indicate the ‘United’ lounge is best but I would appreciate any feedback from the team.

28th Jan 2019, 22:16
I understood that for TG Business you could only use the very excellent United lounge in T2. (As always I stand to be corrected). This UAL lounge is really very good and close to the normal TG gates around B45 ish

29th Jan 2019, 00:00
You can use the SQ lounge as well.

29th Jan 2019, 19:42
I used the SQ lounge when flying out with TG last year. Thought it was excellent-quiet, good internet, superb choice of food and beverages and a view out onto the ramp. No departure announcements so keep an eye on the screens.

15th Feb 2019, 14:22
As a T2 regular I would rank the lounges as UA, AC, LH as equal - LH rises higher if you are a *G frequent flyer and SQ last - it's often not as clean as it should be and the food and drink offering is poor in comparison to the others. All have good views of the aprons and LH of 27L in addition.

Pom Pax
16th Feb 2019, 23:03
A long time ago I used AC, I found it disappointing cramped and long walk then a walk twice a far in the opposite direction with poor selection of sandwiches.
Next time I choose SAS everything you wish for in a lounge.

Edit:- All this was T3.

17th Feb 2019, 08:40
Over the years I have tried most of them and rate the SQ lounge in Terminal 2 very highly.

25th Feb 2019, 18:04
We ended up in the United lounge and found it to be very good in all respects. Good quality hot food options, including a traditional British style cooked breakfast, and the champagne was very acceptable.

Just to round off, very good in flight service by Thai Airways on all legs. A somewhat exciting final leg into Heathrow as I reckon we were about 3 seconds from landing when there was a tremendous surge of power from the aircraft as the landing was aborted and we went round for another go. Another aircraft still on the runway according to the captain. All very professionally handled of course.