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22nd Jan 2019, 14:32
BREAKING: Aeroflot #SU1515 (https://www.pprune.org/left=https://twitter.com/hashtag/SU1515?src=hash) from Surgut to Moscow has just diverted and Landed safely in Khanty Mansiysk with reports of hijack attempt with a passenger demanding to be flown to Afghanistan.


Drunken passenger tries to hijack Russian plane & fly to Afghanistan, forces early landing

Published time: 22 Jan, 2019 11:16 Edited time: 22 Jan, 2019 14:43 An Aeroflot flight from the Siberian city of Surgut to Moscow was forced to land some 240km short of its destination after a passenger demanded that the plane be diverted to Afghanistan. He has been arrested.Flight SU1515 has landed in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk. The would-be hijacker has been detained, Russia’s Investigative Committee confirms.

The unruly passenger was drunk, investigators say. He tried to break into the cockpit, claiming he was armed. But no weapons were found on him.

Video filmed on board the plane shows the suspect being led out in handcuffs, prompting applause from the other passengers.

Sources say the plane landed after the crew convinced the unruly passenger that the plane required refueling.

The passenger has been identified as a Surgut resident, previously convicted on property damage charges. He has been detained multiple times before for drunk and disorderly behavior, Interfax news agency reports.

At least 10 police squads were dispatched to the airport, according to an RIA Novosti reporter at the scene.



23rd Jan 2019, 06:06
Simply dolt

23rd Jan 2019, 07:28
I think he has sat near me on several occasions.

23rd Jan 2019, 09:33
I think he has sat near me on several occasions.

Doubt he will ever sit by you again unless you are really naughty ;)

25th Jan 2019, 20:06
I'm sure that, after some counseling (for about 30 years in Siberia) by the Russian Ministry of Justice, he will be offered a therapy puppy for his future air travels and sent along his way.