View Full Version : Air Chathams ATR72-500 (ZK-MCO)

17th Jan 2019, 00:02
I see itís come out of the paint shop now with rumours itís taking over Tauck Tours from Alliance.

Is it still on the MC AOC and crewed by MC?
Without an HF antenna, will it have plans to replace the CV580 eventually on these routes?
Are 3C still planning on getting an old 737 with the fact that NZCI is getting a runway extension?

17th Jan 2019, 19:51
Doubtful that it'll be on the Chats run, to make it viable would need to be converted to combi.

They've already acquired a 737 Sim, and the red tape marathon has already begun on the runway program on the island.

I'd say it'll be going onto the Chats AOC. Mt Cook won't have the ability to crew it easily.

Perhaps some coverage work for Link might be on the business plan :}