View Full Version : Security staff strike in Germany

Hotel Tango
11th Jan 2019, 22:35

Frankfurt staff may be on strike next Tuesday 15/Jan all day!

18th Jan 2019, 11:50
They're still "striking" but doing it as a slow down, it takes hours to get through security, we timed it at 5 minutes per person.
They're hurting the wrong people, this has no impact on the contractor that pays them, so they're not going to get a raise from this.
They need to do like the Japanese. When the Japanese bus union goes on strike, they continue to run the busses and get people to their destinations, but they refuse to collect fares, so the company has to pay for the drivers and fuel, but get no revenue.
The security staff, if they want to hurt the contractor, should be opening up all the lanes even when there's no-one there to go through security, thus costing the contractor money.