View Full Version : QR Unusual Departure off 16R

Glorified Dus Briver
7th Jan 2019, 00:31
Browsing through FR24 on Saturday arvo (January 5th), I noticed that QR was given a somewhat unusual departure routing off 16R (never having done it myself). Genuinely interested to know what would've been the reason? Possibly WX (Sat arvo was stormy so I assume there was WX in the vicinity).


7th Jan 2019, 02:16
I was listening in to the Sydney ATC and every one departing 16R was requesting an immediate turn after departure as there was some nasty weather 20 miles south of the airport.

​​​​​​Although no one looped around like QR did.

Ollie Onion
7th Jan 2019, 03:12
I flew out on Saturday and the TS activity was quite active so everyone being given radar departure and picking their own headings for weather avoidance.