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3rd Jan 2019, 09:45
This is a long shot, but if anyone can provide info, I would be most grateful.

Flew on the new BA51route, dep LHR 9 Nov, arriving JNB the following morning. After we had landed, the Capt mentioned that for anyone interesting in this type of infomation (I am), this flight was the first to perform a XXXX landing. He may have said something about a full auto landing at JNB, or words to that effect. Unfortunately, as everyone was busy with their luggage etc, it was difficult to hear what he said. So my questions are:

1. What type of landing did we have? (Yes, I know it was successful!)
2. Was it the first of its type on a 787 at JNB
2. Or was it the first of its type for a 787 flown by BA to JNB

Apologies for being vague, however it's all I could glean whilst getting caught up in the mass of people trying to get off the a/c. If any of you working at BA read this, and have an inkling as to what I am on about, please let me know. Many thanks.

Ancient Observer
3rd Jan 2019, 11:23
You could also ask at the BAEC section of flyertalk.

3rd Jan 2019, 16:05
You could also ask at the BAEC section of flyertalk.

Good idea, thanks AO.