View Full Version : System outages

16th Dec 2018, 09:50
I flew into Melb from WA only to find out my Jetstar flight was cancelled. I was then rebooked on another JQ flt and it was cancelled. The JQ staff it was due to system outages, is this code for F and D times exceeded or crew did not turn up etc, cheers.

16th Dec 2018, 11:45
No, it means they had system outages.

Gear in transit
16th Dec 2018, 22:18
Its astounding that for decades aeroplanes could fly around the globe all reliant on the people/labour behind a desk somewhere with minimal 'system input.' Now it's all computer based, minimal cost, minimal labour. So a 'system outage' cripples even the biggest airlines, its even happened to airservices.
Occurring frequently in the last few years, from the checkin outage, flight planning outages and whatever the airservices acronyms are.

Checklist Charlie
16th Dec 2018, 22:27
To err is human, to foul up completely requires a computer.