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11th Dec 2018, 09:30
Hi ID-Travel gurus.
I am about to leave my current employer and join another carrier.
Unfortunately it will take 3 months until I have ID-Tickets on the new carrier and 6 months until all ID-Agreements become available.
The problem is I will commute to my new base, and I wonder if it's possible for me to buy a bulk load of ID tickets on my current employment, with a future date, and then just change the tickets accordingly to fit my roster.

I guess the main question is, when I get terminated at my current employers, does all my "active" ID tickets (in the future) get terminated too?
A second, albeit smaller problem will be that I am unable to change (myself) the tickets to fit what ever flight I need. But this problem is able to be solved at the gate/ ticketing office since the ID is an open ticket.

Any thoughts?


11th Dec 2018, 11:49
Sounds dangerously close to fraud to me.

11th Dec 2018, 12:12
I think you'll find that any 'industry discount' ticket is associated with your employment and as such is concessionary. That would mean it's conditional on your employment with that company. Any tickets that you hold when that employment ceases become void and could be refunded at face value but not used for travel. If you do use them for travel you may find that; a) you're refused boarding at the gate, or b) you manage to travel and then the ariline comes after you for the full 'rack rate' fare. In any event it could prove expensive and not simply in a monetary sense.

I notice Dave has put it more succinctly.....


11th Dec 2018, 15:33
If your new employer finds out you will not be working for him for very long.

11th Dec 2018, 15:46
I think the resounding answer to this question is NO!

Why would any employer allow you to purchase a wad of tickets at low fares and then go off and work for someone else?

Some people taking voluntary redundancy were allowed a limited number of tickets as part of their package (BA). But I don’t think that your circumstances are as such.

11th Dec 2018, 16:47
Do you have something like an "Employee Travel Services" department?
Ours answers questions like this with some authority.

11th Dec 2018, 16:53
A better time to address this situation would be when negotiating with your prospective new employer. You could ask your new employer for sufficient ID tickets to commute when rostered until eligible in the normal course.

11th Dec 2018, 18:49
If your new employer finds out you will not be working for him for very long.

One word comes to mind.


13th Dec 2018, 06:19
I moved from a UK airline to a US airline about 2 years ago, and I'd already booked (but not yet taken) a concessionary holiday flight about 6 months before leaving. In my last couple of days with the UK carrier, staff travel approached me with an invoice for the remaining balance on the full rack rate for the flight. They brought my attention to the terms and conditions where it stated that concession travel booked through them was dependent on continued employment for the whole of that qualifying year.

I'd speak to your staff travel department rather than PPRuNe, it's their answer which is the important one although the guidance given so far seems accurate in my experience.

Booking a wad of tickets now while preparing to leave is potentially fraudulent.

old,not bold
13th Dec 2018, 13:23
You already know it's dishonest, don't you? That's why you're asking here if you can get away with it.

You might want to take a long hard look in a mirror. If you see someone you don't much like, it's not surprising.

If you're a commercial pilot or a certifying engineer, at any stage in your career, you probably also need to reflect very hard on the meaning and importance of personal integrity.

And now back to Jet Blast...........................