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james ozzie
8th Dec 2018, 00:40
Having just got in from my weekly Saturday morning Park Run, I wondered how many other Jet Blasters are involved in this initiative. If you have never heard of it, it is run in hundreds of venues world wide at 07:00 every Saturday with many hundreds of runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities in a park near you. An ingenious but simple timing method places every runner's time into a very neat data base and allows you to track your progress.

And it is all for free, run by volunteers (Please Mods, this is not some commercial venture getting sold on Jet Blast)

I learned very soon that you leave your pride and prejudice at home when you participate. Be prepared to be passed by kids, oldies, mums with prams etc etc. But also be prepared to see your own fitness growing as your times slowly improve and as you enjoy the company of a friendly crowd with a common goal.

An article worth reading:

And here is the overall home site:
Home We organise free weekly timed runs all over the world. Held in pleasant parkland on weekend mornings, our runs are open to all ? from juniors and first timers to Olympians and octogenarians? (http://www.parkrun.com/)

8th Dec 2018, 00:49
Worry about you just getting in at 12.40 am on Saturday morn. Last weeks time must be poor.

However I am aware of it and have come across man people who have got into exercise as well because of this and see it as a very positive thing :ok::D

james ozzie
8th Dec 2018, 00:53
I confess the late arrival was due to coffee and croissants afterwards with some mates, offsetting the health benefits...

Oh, but wait, I think we are getting caught by time zones.

clark y
8th Dec 2018, 01:03
I do this regularly. I first ran across parkrun in Singapore. The wife never ran previously but now does it regularly. The ones in the southern part of the Australia start at 8:00am. Warmer climates tend to start earlier.
There are often extra parkruns on pubic holidays too. We’ve got a double header nearby on New Year’s Day.

8th Dec 2018, 01:13
I confess the late arrival was due to coffee and croissants afterwards with some mates, offsetting the health benefits...

Oh, but wait, I think we are getting caught by time zones.

Does help when I check where you are :ugh::ugh: :)

8th Dec 2018, 03:14
Coffee and croissants???????
Sounds like a PC version of the Hash House Harriers (drinkers with a running problem) -- much more fun

Pontius Navigator
8th Dec 2018, 08:32
Recently a local running group in UK created a chemical alert. They used flour to mark the route. Probably Hare and Hounds rather than Parkrun. 7am UK winter, oooo, bit like winter swimming. Better start in August.

8th Dec 2018, 09:00
The recent chemical alert was down to Hash House Harriers. Flour was always the substance of choice for marking trails. I caused a sort of chemical alert in Kuwait laying a flour trail. This was post-liberation and some sections of society in Kuwait were exceedingly twitchy. I was laying a trail that ran close to the US Embassy although on the opposite side of the road from them. As I was approaching the area of the Embassy, I noticed I was being closely scrutinised by people inside the gate. Sure enough, a Nepalese security guard was sent out to find out what I was up to. He asked me what was this stuff I was dropping on the deck. I dipped a finger in it, licked the finger and told him it was heroin. That got a very polite "OK, thank you sir" and off he trotted to report to the US Marines guarding the gate. They didn't bother me again.
Having taken the mickey out of the Hashers for a couple of years (my Mrs used to run with them), I was persuaded to help my mate lay my first trail in August 1990. I was later able to lay claim to having laid the trail for the biggest Hash run ever seen. Instead of the usual couple of dozen runners, we ended up with a couple of divisions of the Iraqi Army appearing! Within a couple of days, I went from Hash House critic to "Hash Scribe" for one of the 2 Kuwait Hashes and "Religious Advisor" to the other. Great fun!

8th Dec 2018, 09:58
There are often extra parkruns on pubic holidays too. Weve got a double header nearby on New Years Day.
The mind boggles at what's going on there :rolleyes:

clark y
8th Dec 2018, 10:24
nothing sinister. Just an early start at one course followed soon after by another run at a nearby course. Just for those masochists who can’t get enough.

8th Dec 2018, 10:27
Oh I see. You meant public holidays. :rolleyes:

clark y
8th Dec 2018, 11:00
Sorry, didn’t pick that up! Funny what auto spell checker picks up and what it ignores.

8th Dec 2018, 15:11
The recent chemical alert was down to Hash House Harriers. Flour was always the substance of choice for marking trails.

Reminds me of friends who lived in Reigate area circa 30 years ago. Went over one Sat as while she was best friend her OH became a good friend and has same sense of humour.

They had an event on the Sunday and I helped him lay a trail somewhere in Surrey, it was a coldish, sometimes wet afteroon and we using sawdust. After hour or two we got back to car as dusk started to settle.

Driving in the gloom chatting away and came to to sign in headlights "Beware Plant Crossing"........ we both went quiet for a second and looked at each.

"Oh F*** Triffids", was the response to each other, followed by laughter such that he just stopped the car to recover. Everytime see said sign anywhere I have same idea.

8th Dec 2018, 16:31
I think that they are brilliant. I run the park run in Burnham on Sea. It is really well organised and regularly attracts well over 300 runners. Well done to everyone involved in this fantastic event.

8th Dec 2018, 16:54
Yup, I am a parkrun addict, having started at Bushy Park, Teddington in 2008. Well over 250 runs to my name now … And, yes, as OP states, it is quite free for participants; all run by volunteers.


8th Dec 2018, 18:28
I took up running again when I retired 3 years ago, found parkrun, and have not looked back. I have about 130 parkruns now, belong to a running club and run in 10ks and half marathons. It is a great social event as well - a win-win all round.

8th Dec 2018, 19:54
A few of my colleagues do Park Runs.

9th Dec 2018, 19:39
I enjoy our local Park Run through a vineyard most Saturdays. We get a good turnout with many visitors, being a tourist area. I like the way that I am often the first of my age group, 65-69. Indeed on those days I am the only runner of my age group which makes me feel smug. And yes we get free coffee at the end provided by a local cafe, which makes a good profit as most of us buy a couple of breakfast buns too.

The winters are cold but at least not dark, as it is always light here at 0800 on the winter solstice. (June 21st).

I think it is a great initiative. But as someone pointed out on another thread, in these social media days, if you have not worked out why something is free, it is because you are the product. The advertisers of the web world love affinity groups.