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ramble on
6th Dec 2018, 05:26
Is it just me?
The traffic lights, buses, fire hydrants! I am @$&#( losing it.

Is someone just out there having a laugh?

Whoever invented this madness needs to be flogged!

6th Dec 2018, 05:52
Perhaps this article may be of help?

E.g., the issue may be related to the IP-address allocation policy. If your I-net provider allocates them "dynamically", some addresses may be considered "suspicious" so that the CAPTCHA software wakes up and starts playing its tricks...

6th Dec 2018, 07:46
I use a VPN which connects through Country 'X' and server 'X'. In the past I haven't seen any Captchas when searching Google.

But in the last week, while still using the same VPN supplier, country and server, I see it every time I search.

I would have thought that once you'd successfully completed the Captcha, a cookie would be placed on your computer to say ' Captcha passed'.

But no. I almost never sign into Google either.

6th Dec 2018, 07:50
First class PITA. What comprises a "street sign" or a "storefront", especially seen in a grainy out of focus picture? One web site that I used to buy a load of stuff from I've had to give up using as it has started making me go through this rigmarole every time I log in. Now I locate the items I want to buy without logging in to my account and phone the order in. Let them pay for the phone call and the wages of the staff.

Tech Guy
6th Dec 2018, 12:53

6th Dec 2018, 14:44
Though apparently unable to avoid handing out copious gea male addresses to scammers and thieves, gupel is smart enough to know I don't like much of what they do...maybe the clue is that I deny their site and cookie except when a form or something I need throws up the kaptya picture game. Their retaliation is a protracted running of the signs or storefronts or vehicles routine...maybe to keep ahead of picture solving bots they need guniea pigs to see just how fine a detail humans can discern. Maybe they are testing language interpretation. Is the sign post part of the sign?
It would be nice to have some different picture tests--find the animals, or boats, or trees.

Mr Optimistic
7th Dec 2018, 11:53
I frequently fail these things: what's wrong with being a robot anyway, at least they dont smack their kids.

7th Dec 2018, 12:28
I failed recently - I have no real idea what qualifies as a "cross walk". I did later get full marks in the "recognise a traffic light" quiz.