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5th Dec 2018, 18:16
Can anyone olease advise if an aircraft refueling truck, as used with hydrant refueling , is fitted with any form of filtration, water, particulate or otherwise, beside the metering equipment.

Sorry about sp, aircraft refuelers !

5th Dec 2018, 18:24
All that I've ever seen are.

Private jet
10th Dec 2018, 01:14
Of course they are yes. You mean in your thousands of sectors you never bothered to look??

10th Dec 2018, 09:05
Of course they are yes. You mean in your thousands of sectors you never bothered to look??
Yes of course I have, many , many times. I was writing a magazine article on jet fuel for use in model aircraft ft jet engines and wanted to be sure of my facts before publication.

I always knew that the fuel was filtered for particulates but in my research I learned that entrained water cannot be removed by filtration, free water can be but during the pumping process free water is likely to become entrained if the water content of the fuel is below a certain level of ppm. So, I wanted to be sure exactly what that filter was doing.

Just checking, never a bad thing in aviation !

19th Dec 2018, 08:46
There are two types of filters in common use in fuel trucks. first are filter water separators which consist of a multiple in to out microfilters and teflon screens which cause the water to coalesce and collect in the bottom of the filter vessel (sump). The other type are filter monitors, this is also a combined dirt and water filter which contains super absorbent polymer (same stuff as in nappies). Drawback with this type is when the fuel contains a lot of water, the DP of the filter will rapidly rise which then requires frequent filter changes. This type of filter is being withdrawn as it was found under high DP and flow rates, the SAP can release into the fuel causing IFSD or other related issues. If you want any more info PM me.