View Full Version : Do you get the feeling you are not wanted?

4th Dec 2018, 13:14
They will in Denmark


4th Dec 2018, 13:19
Already discussed (https://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/615958-wet-dreams-made.html)

4th Dec 2018, 13:31
Looks quite nice.
Lots of trees, access to the beaches, a bit of parkland and that ominous, dark, wiggly thing off the northern point.

4th Dec 2018, 19:44
Guess they are looking at neighbouring Sweden and realizing oh sh*t...... problem with the Scandinavians are they are always inclined to be optimistic about other cultures... thinking everyone will love them and their way of life. Time to wake up because in Sweden for example the future demographics look extremely disturbing at best. Aren't there more seventeen year old migrant males now than native Swedes of the same age and sex (quite serious here)? That is not good....