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3rd Dec 2018, 05:34
Paul Sherwen, most notable for his cycling commentary with Phil Liggett has passed away at home in Uganda at the age of 62.

No cause of death given. He'll be missed.

I've worked with him several times, a true gentleman.


3rd Dec 2018, 06:17
Crazy, he was active on his twitter feed not 3 days ago.....One of the decent nice guys of professional cycling and afterwards the voice of cycling together with Phil Liggett THE commentators the world over.

3rd Dec 2018, 06:21
Cripes....one of the voices of cycling over the last few decades...

3rd Dec 2018, 06:28
Very sad to hear this - he was an excellent commentator, and I have the utmost respect for anyone who can complete this race even once.
Remember reading some years ago that the average age at death of TdF winners was somewhere in the mid 50s. I guess cycling accidents and, for some, drugs, bring the average down somewhat.

3rd Dec 2018, 09:55
One of the first TdeF's I remember was 1987, Stephen Roche's chase of Delgado in 1987 up La Plagne, Paul and Phil Liggett doing the commentary...................... brings hairs on back of my neck when youtubed it.

3rd Dec 2018, 20:29
Very sad to hear of his death. First remember him in a documentary about the Tour de France. He posed for a nice photo at the Milk Race in Sheffield.

Since 1965, three Tour de France winners have died,
Luis Ocaņa, suicide 48
Laurent Fignon, cancer 50
Marco Pantani, drug overdose 34.

All the others are still alive. The great Eddy Merckx is 73.

The first winner, Maurice Garin died aged 85 in 1957.

4th Dec 2018, 05:43
Jacques Anquetil (pronounced [ʒak ɑ̃k.til] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA/French); 8 January 1934 – 18 November 1987) was a French road racing cyclist (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_racing_cyclist) and the first cyclist to win the Tour de France (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tour_de_France) five times, in 1957 and from 1961 to 1964.
Anquetil was my boyhood hero. I believe he died from some sort of spinal cancer.

5th Dec 2018, 07:24
Not a slur against a great commentator but there are proven links with cycling, EPO and heart attacks in other deaths.

5th Dec 2018, 07:33
Yes, appears it was heart failure in his sleep.


5th Dec 2018, 08:38
Not a slur against a great commentator but there are proven links with cycling, EPO and heart attacks in other deaths.

TBF it's not just cycling or EPO,...but has been said regardless of the intake as has been pointed out they don't all die young, as an example and a BTW "Poupou" ;), the eternal second, and now into his eighties still pitches up looking sprightly as ever to do the rounds of PR events and shaking hands with the crowds at the TdF every year.

5th Dec 2018, 13:56
Which bike racing commentator once said, "...a nice piece of juice?"