View Full Version : Remind me not to be on the road when this guy gets on his motorcycle!

2nd Dec 2018, 22:35

Loose rivets
3rd Dec 2018, 01:13
Just not a nice person. Manners has a lot to do with riding/driving these days, and I don't see a lot of thems being displayed.

The pedestrian girl giving the finger was in the right. She was established on the junction and has right of way. It used to be rule 26 in the old highway code.

I have been attacked by two middle aged ladies in the last month. Both of them looking genteel, like they were going to a woman's institute meeting. Both of them . . . oh, better not say. One while I was crossing a road on foot where a sensible speed to attack me at would have been 15. She needed to accelerate - with only a few yards to go on that stretch. Hooting and gesticulating her exasperation she was. I thought she'd be a teenager with H-A-T-E tattooed on her fingers.

t'other day I positioned out early for a huge council lorry with cones blocking most of my side. One car went through first and I followed. Same speed, nice and steady 15mph mindful of the workers safety. Car, opposite direction, but only just arrived on the scene, flashes and keeps speed up at me. It was another middle-aged lady. I tried to block the road and had my window open ready to say something about the law. But she managed to get through while rolling eyes and waving her disapproval.

So often have people driven at me with an aggressive increase in speed that I had become ready with the RTA's numbers, but I've forgotten them now. Anyone know the # of passing stationary traffic blocking (for some time) one's own side? As I recall, it's quite clear, they have to allow the opposite traffic through.

all I can find this evening. "However, if an oncoming vehicle has already committed to the overtaking procedure whilst you are approaching, you must give way."

Given that you have to give way to opposite traffic it's difficult to say when one suddenly gets the right of way. If you start the passing of the blockage with no opposing traffic, then surely that's the time when you take precedence.

It's one of those issues that a camera would be the only way of proving correct procedure given one is on the 'wrong' side.

Pontius Navigator
3rd Dec 2018, 08:09
LR, a thorny question. There is one road that I need to use from time to time that has nose-tail parking blocking my opposing lane. There is no refuge for opposing traffic so the rule is clearly let them through. Sadly many drivers take advantage and enter to follow through even with traffic queing at the free end.

Pontius Navigator
3rd Dec 2018, 08:26
L R, I would have been ashamed to post that video.

3rd Dec 2018, 10:18
Part of the "Everyone else is an idiot, but I'm a clever fellow" brigade.

3rd Dec 2018, 10:59
Most of the pedestrians don't see him because he is way over the speed limit and the average speed of the traffic. Needs to learn that that stupid people are the norm, to leave a cushion, and give people the benefit of the doubt.