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2nd Dec 2018, 15:37

Has anyone ever checked in online for an Aerlingus transatlantic service 24 hours before without a prebooked seat? What seat were you allocated?

I just want a window/isle - but wondering if i will get this when i check in. If not, it will be worth me paying the 40 euro return to prebook a seat.

2nd Dec 2018, 16:38
Welcome to the 'Cabin' flyer8742. Seat allocation on IAG carriers, prior to 24 hours, is a bit of a lottery but those with recent experience will be along soon, I'm sure.

2nd Dec 2018, 16:49
I normally book the fare that has the prebooked seat included however this time i booked the saver fare as i didnt need a hold bag. Now just debating on paying the extra for prebooked seat. Was just checking if anyone has done so before on here lol. Thanks for the reply.

5th Dec 2018, 19:05
If I recall correctly, once you check in, you will be able to choose a seat. Whether you can choose an aisle seat will depend on whether any of them are left, or whether you are willing to pay the fee for "premium" ones that may be available. So the moral here is if you want an aisle, check in as soon as check in opens, and hope that some aisles are still left. Otherwise, call in and pay whatever fees are required to pre-reserve. Note that if you go to a service like Expertflyer, you will be able to see what seats have already been assigned -- which may help you with your decision.

8th Dec 2018, 13:36
Thanks a lot for your reply :)

9th Dec 2018, 13:22
I was able to choose seats at the time of on-line booking; no additional fare (economy advanced purchase).
Seats could also be updated after on-line ticketing, but web pages were particularly small, tortuous, and illogical.
On-line check-in U.K. worked as advertised, seats and service good (newer A330-300 Boston).

More difficult from within US (no printer), but new self check-in systems appearing in the airport; again no problems.
Good route, good service, tolerable delays outbound (within EU limits), Dublin, and US pre-clearance to be recommended, even with several simultaneous US departures.