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2nd Dec 2018, 02:13
Why has Air Services seen fit to remove the index from the AIP? it makes it too time consuming to find things now. I called them and suggested that they put it back in. He said that they had been getting a lot of people questioning this and had no idea why it was removed. He suggested that I email them and it will be passed to the appropriate people. I also suggested that they put out an App for the AIP. No response... I know you can download it but it is not easily searchable in PDF format compared to what an app could be.
Also, being a traditionalist and keeping a paper log book, there current log book is not user friendly either. I have no idea why they have changed the shape but you can't fit crew names in the columns and when you start getting a descent amount of hours up, there is hardly any room for the digits.
Just my whinge.

By George
2nd Dec 2018, 04:29
Ah, Yes, the good old CASA Log-Book. I couldn't agree more. When I was flying in Asia my partners in crime fitted nicely in the name column. Such names as 'Ng' and 'Lee', 'Ong' and 'Woo' were made for the CASA Log-Book. I did have the odd fail with my Indian buddies with such names as 'Balachandran' (lovely chap) and my good Thai friends invariably marched into the 'Journey and Remarks' column. On coming home, the 'Fothington-Symthes' had no chance. If you have more than a 100 hours in any column you have to write in tiny miniature script. All fine for you young ones but I have to go outside in the garden under the full sun. Yes, one can only assume it was designed by a lunatic. I have often thought of binding a few together but every time they have a 'Revision' or a 'Name Change' the design changes, not only in size and shape but the columns themselves. My original DA.7 from DCA days does not even have columns separating Multi-Engine from Single-Engine. In the end, there are more important things to worry about but I hear your frustrations..