View Full Version : Devastated, no poop.

23rd Nov 2018, 23:45

Devastated, devastated I tell you.

On learning that Patrick Stewart is playing the poop emoji I and somewhat disappointed to discover that pprune does not have one!?

Can anything be done to remedy the shocking disrespect being shown to a Knight of the Realm by the Towers?


Pontius Navigator
24th Nov 2018, 07:42
And when they do it will be hot poop.

Digressing, as one does, why do poop and sh1t have entirely different meanings many times? With one you associate a scoop and the other a shovel. With one it is information and the other a solid object that might hit a fan. The back of a ship may be described as one but we use the other to describe a hole or house.

24th Nov 2018, 07:51
And when they do it will be hot poop.

Hot soup leads to hot poop...

The "Gilets Jaune" protests are continuing here in France. Some of their supporters have been bringing hot food and drinks to the barricades, but after an incident yesterday, they will be a bit suspicious.
In the Alsace protestors were donated a tureen of hot soup and within a few minutes, twenty of them were rushing for the bushes. An extra ingredient, a powerful laxative, had been added to the recipe.

Hussar 54
24th Nov 2018, 09:00
This must be Macron's contribution to the EU Army - a new top secret weapon still under test. Remember this one as well....


26th Nov 2018, 18:08
What springs to mind when someone refers to poop?

Is it a more pleasant image than 'poo' ?

How can the absence of one letter change the concept?

26th Nov 2018, 20:28
Looks like the topping of a chocolate sundae with smarties. Yummy.

27th Nov 2018, 06:48

Pontius Navigator
27th Nov 2018, 08:26
Always puzzled me, with a following wind . . .

Now Barf the Beam always made more sense ☺😉

27th Nov 2018, 12:41
Always puzzled me, with a following wind . . .

Now Barf the Beam always made more sense ☺��

Wasn't the Captain’s cabin with windows just below that deck?:*