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22nd Nov 2018, 01:04
Quick question. Tried to find the answer on the CASA website but could't !!! Does anybody know for how long the Class one can be expired before one has to do an Initial Medical again ?

22nd Nov 2018, 04:30
Never .....

You just need to meet the prescribed age tests as they come up. Once you have done a class 1 you donít need to do the initial eye tests etc again until I think itís an age of 60 or medically indicated.

22nd Nov 2018, 07:51
A few years ago I renewed my Aussie Class 1 Medical in preparation for a job interview back home. It had been expired for 15 years while I was overseas. My DAME here in the UK checked with CASA and they said that as it had been expired for more than 5 years I had to do an initial medical. PITA and a waste of time as I didn't get the gig.


22nd Nov 2018, 09:38
jjhews...Not sure where you got this reference from but it's incorrect. Kika is correct....5 years.

22nd Nov 2018, 11:14
The answer you're looking for is 3 months post expiry of the class 1. Post this, a whole new initial will need to be done. Where is your reference?

My understanding is that the INITIAL is just that, you can only do an INITIAL once by definition. A little bit like losing your virginity. After that it is via the standard renewal cycle.


23rd Nov 2018, 05:19
Maybe 5 years is right !!! Surely you can't just let it laps for 15 years and then just to a renewal. I check with CASA if I can, just don't want to do a renew every year here in Asia as it is very expansive compared to OZ.

Capt Fathom
23rd Nov 2018, 05:40
Why not just email AVMED and ask them? [email protected]