View Full Version : Low Visibilty Operation - China

20th Nov 2018, 15:25

I'm not finding any jepp taxi charts for LVO in China. Not familiar with this area. Would anybody know where I could find these charts?


20th Nov 2018, 18:02
Typically, the commercial providers of aviation charts only cover in their catalogues what is published by the relevant state. Unless AIP P. R. China has those, or you are willing to pay someone to create them, your chances are most likely nil.

21st Nov 2018, 01:57
Which airport in china? PEK Doesn’t have LVO taxi charts while PVG does. If they’re not in your jepps, they probably don’t exist.

21st Nov 2018, 15:17
Very few airports in China do have LVO ops, and even if they do, it's mostly only CAT II.

25th Nov 2018, 12:47
If there are no LVOP taxi routes in the Jeppesen for the Chinese airport , then there are none.

Expect lots of follow-me car usage though.

Cat 2 mostly, but the odd CAT 3A now in Mainland China.