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Krystal n chips
19th Nov 2018, 10:47
In recent times, there's been a little outpouring of less than flattering notes decorating various windscreens of emergency services, presumably because they were actually attending an emergency, this being their occupation, and in doing to have the effrontery to cause a few minutes of inconvenience to those fortunately not involved.

However, it takes more than your average level of inconsiderate self centred arrogance.....allied to the equivalent level of stupidity, to express your sentiments to......... the local police......!!


19th Nov 2018, 11:27
I expect the protestor would send a message to his close friend the chief constable if he needed police assistance....

19th Nov 2018, 13:17
Once his own vehicle registration is flagged as being "of interest" he can expect personal attention in future. And well deserved.

19th Nov 2018, 17:31
The Police stated they would be taking no action against the note-writer. Which isnít quite true since publicising it on social media will ensure a blizzard of messages and notes to the nincompoop who wrote it.

Senior Paper Monitor
19th Nov 2018, 18:25
... and just wait until the 'spelling/grammar police' become aware !

20th Nov 2018, 07:17
I think Reigate and Banstead police are to be congratulated for their actions. A "life and death" emergency and.... they take the time to find a free marked parking bay for their vehicle.....

Here in Hampshire, in such "life and death" emergencies, the police just abandon their cars willy nilly at the side of the road nearest the "life and death" emergency. Such is their rush to get there as soon as possible.

Oh, for the record, I would have no issue with the emergency services using either of my parking spaces in a genuine emergency - not matter how unlikely it would be given their position in relation to other properties.

20th Nov 2018, 08:27
[QUOTE][Once his own vehicle registration is flagged as being "of interest" he can expect personal attention in future. And well deserved./QUOTE]

Just for the record, this isn't going to happen.

20th Nov 2018, 09:24
It gets worse than writing stupid notes. Ken Marsh, the leader of the Police Federation (not an organisation I am normally a fan of) was on the Today programme this morning complaining that members of the public are videoing assaults on the police and shouting encouragement to the attackers. I thought some of Humphries' questions were frankly stupid, but that's hardly unusual. The police arent asking for the public to pitch in and help, but I think they have a valid complaint if people are going to regard an assault on an officer as a piece of street entertainment. (Relevant item starts at 2 hours 49 minutes)