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Mr Optimistic
17th Nov 2018, 08:42

Can any Spanish speakers explain the chat about an external explosion?

17th Nov 2018, 09:46
Essentially some conspiracy theorists are suggesting that the sub might have been torpedoed, and saner people are dismissing the idea, pointing to similarities in the debris pattern with older US sub losses, e.g. Thresher.
Google Translate is your friend for the details.

Mr Optimistic
17th Nov 2018, 09:56
Ok, thanks. Poor b* ggers.

17th Nov 2018, 10:18
Whilst it did get a bit close to the Falklands I doubt the Royal Navy were involved in it's sinking. Given the generally poor state of the Argentine Navy, I would think equipment failure is likely to be the cause. The ARA is more of a danger to itself than any enemy.

17th Nov 2018, 10:39
Shortly before the accident the submarine had reported an electrical fault, from water coming down the snorkel (which implies that the snorkel valve was defective). From that we can assume that she was running at PD, with the diesels running and the snorkel up. The reported electrical problem was with the batteries, from sea water ingress. As well as providing the engines and crew with fresh air, and separately discharging the diesel exhaust, the snorkel also provides ventilation for the charging batteries, to flush out the hydrogen generated when charging. It seems quite possible that the faulty snorkel valve may have led to inadequate ventilation, as well as allowing water in. It doesn't take much hydrogen build-up, together with faulty electrics, to cause an explosion. Could also have been exacerbated by a depth keeping problem, as when running at PD the depth keeping is pretty critical, and needs care to maintain the snorkel at the right height above the waves. By all accounts, the Argentinian Navy had been short of funds and had equipment that wasn't always in the best of condition, plus this boat had been cut in half as part of a major refit in 2014, so there's a chance that corners were cut when that was carried out and the batteries were replaced.

18th Nov 2018, 20:49
One of the pictures of the sub show what looks like barnacles around the waterline .
How would those barnacles affect handling characteristics ?
Did the elevators have similar barnacles and what affect would that type of contaiminating have on controls ?
Would the effect be similar to aircraft tail plane icing ?
Where large ice contaimination can cause control issues causing an aircraft to pitch opposite to what is being commanded ?

20th Nov 2018, 00:16
Marine growth exists on all vessels and causes additional drag, but rarely cases problems with rudders or other moveable surfaces unless the build up is sufficient to physically block movement.

For a submarine, as clean a hull as possible is desireable to minimise noise as it moves underwater, but barnacles on the hydroplanes would not affect handling.

20th Nov 2018, 03:01

Tail stall due to contamination . Any sub stuff links ?


Sorry for the aviation content :)