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Loose rivets
16th Nov 2018, 17:16
A pal, even older than me, though much more bright, tried to change his picture on FB but ended up with a new site. The problem is, he's now locked out of his old one - at least as the named person, appearing only as a Friend. The new one runs okay.

He's had the old one for years, so several generations expect him to be on that name.

Any ideas how he might get his old one back as the de facto site?

Krystal n chips
16th Nov 2018, 18:01
Your friend is far from alone.

Sitting downstairs as I write is a lady saying very unladylike words about this organisation for, possibly, very similar reasons.
She attempted to change her password.....result ?..despite responding to all the security questions, she is now unable to access her original homepage.

She gets the impression this is somehow related to if you use an IPad or IPhone, quiet why I am not sure, but she is IT savvy so I trust her analysis here.

What does your friend use please ?

Loose rivets
16th Nov 2018, 18:17
Thanks. It does sound a very similar situation.

He's using an Asus running W10. The phone I'm not sure about. When I phoned he sounded a bit busy and is hard of hearing so communication has to be done carefully - especially as my hearing was damaged a while back.

I'd be grateful for information gained by lady's IT probing.

16th Nov 2018, 20:09
While were at it, I also can't access my page and the tousand of invites I have received since I joined. It seems that I can't even remember my secret question or date of birth (when I joined FB).

Is there any way of getting FB to delete my account?

16th Nov 2018, 23:20
No real answers I'm afraid, although I sympathise with and share the annoyance of those who've had their identity hijacked in this way. It's happened to a couple of my friends who have discovered they now have two accounts, one they still have control over, and a second one which mimics their identity and seeks to con their friends into dodgy schemes with the goal of taking control of the friend's bank accounts. It's apparent that Facebook is not secure, and not immune from dedicated hacker attack. I guess a direct approach to Facebook is about the only option, although I couldn't be optimistic about the chances for success.

17th Nov 2018, 02:35
Farcebook, forget the whole damned thing, get a Life. ( only my opinion of course, to which I am entitled. )

Loose rivets
17th Nov 2018, 03:20
Well, my pall is older than you and like me, likes to see the grand-kids more than we otherwise would.