View Full Version : Volaris cabin bags

14th Nov 2018, 14:13
Had the pleasure of travelling Volaris LCC from Mexico City through Guadalajara to San Francisco
while at the gate I remarked to Mrs K that passengers seemed to have a lot of large cabin bags
eventually a gate announcement in Spainish which we did not understand but I got the gist where a lot of people with said large bags formed a queue and had these bags tagged to go into the hold (for free) freeing up space in the over heads
I assumed these are people who have a large ish bag but did not want to pay the $25 USD per case for proper hold cases
would it not be better to , as Ryan scare do, charge for large cases taken off the passengers at the gate ?. I feel cheated as we had 2 full price cases in the hold..

14th Nov 2018, 19:54
They will learn. Someone will finally work out what they are losing. However, it also depends on what their competition are doing. Ryan have reached a point of dominance that, whilst changes cause headlines - they tend to be positive financially.

15th Nov 2018, 07:16
Don’t be fooled. Many look at the size of bags and think “they are too big” when in actual fact it isn’t. Rightly or wrongly, the IATA sized dimensions are very generous.