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Love PanAm
14th Nov 2018, 13:00

Is there an age limit for flight instructors in Europe?

14th Nov 2018, 16:52
You must be old enough to hold a PPL (17) or a CPL(18)

14th Nov 2018, 18:36
At the other end of the scale, I feel I'm only getting in to my stride after 14 years instructing and aged 69. Usually, the limiting factor is how long you can still get a Class 2 medical. Locally, one instructor gave up eventually at aged 86, still teaching aerobatics! Our examiner is 76 and still flying 5 days a week, though he's trying to cut back on the ab initio stuff and only doing the more interesting instructing, like tailwheel etc (the type he's got most tailwheel hours in is the Shackleton). I think Bill Ison was instructing up to age 88 at Cambridge.


Love PanAm
15th Nov 2018, 00:57
thanks for the info.

I am only 60 but want to fly a few years.
I will try to keep in good shape to get the medical.


15th Nov 2018, 13:09
after 14 years instructing and aged 69

TOO - You don't look a day over 68! :eek::ouch: