View Full Version : FAA DPE's in Switzerland / Europe?

13th Nov 2018, 13:12
I did all of my training in America before moving to Switzerland and I'd like to take my checkride in Europe as I'm not a US citizen. I could do it in America but I'd need a visa.

Are there any FAA certified DPE's in Switzerland or Europe?

Thank you!

13th Nov 2018, 17:58
Just the one for fixed wing. Tom Houston, not sure where he is based now. Not cheap but your only option. I dont think you need a Visa for a check ride as you are not training.......

15th Nov 2018, 13:14
See the thread -FAA Instructor in Ireland - about 5 or 6 below this one (not sure how to link it.) Toms contact details (and others) are in there.

18th Nov 2018, 16:41
There are two DPE's for Europe on fixed wing Thomas Houston and Adam House, Adam House is the only Rotorcraft DPE.:ok: