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9th Nov 2018, 17:37
A question,

Is a student that hold PPL and completed approved ATO CPL modular course eligable for BIFM course completion certificate?

Talking about a student who completed training but didnt pass a skill test for CPL.

The student basically want to do IR rating and remain only private pilot

So are the 10 instrument hours from the CPL training can be considered as BIFM even if the student did not get his CPL?

9th Nov 2018, 19:23
The student should ask the ATO who conducted the training. Do they have an approval to conduct the BIFM Course? It is probable that they do not.
When the student starts the IR Course Appendix 9 to Part FCL states:
(a) Basic Instrument Flight Module
This comprises 10 hours of instrument time under instruction, of which up to 5 hours can be
instrument ground time in a BITD, FNPT I or II, or an FFS. Upon completion of the Basic Instrument
Flight Module, the candidate shall be issued a Course Completion Certificate.
So the crux of the matter is that the student must have a CCC to gain the credit.
The next option is to train for the CBM IR where the 10 hours training would be creditable and taken into account by the ATO assessing the training requirement.

9th Nov 2018, 22:20
The more relevant requirement is Appendix 6 which states:2. An applicant for a modular IR(A) course shall be the holder of a PPL(A) or a CPL(A). An applicant for the Procedural Instrument Flight Module, who does not hold a CPL(A), shall be holder of a Course Completion Certificate for the Basic Instrument Flight Module.The requirement, therefore, is to hold a CPL, not merely to have completed the training.

10th Nov 2018, 03:50
The student does hold a certificate of completion for the BIFM from that ATO.

Basically my question is if it was legal to issue such a certificate, or it might not be accepted by the authorities.

The ATO has permission to conduct both IR(A) and CPL(A). I guess that permission to conduct IR(A) includes the permission to conduct BIFM no?

10th Nov 2018, 09:40
If the student has a completed BIFM certificate from an approved organisation, then it is valid for the 10 hour reduction on a CBIR course.

10th Nov 2018, 12:07
I guess that permission to conduct IR(A) includes the permission to conduct BIFM no? No. To teach for a CPL there is no requirement for the FI to have IRI privileges. To teach for the IR including the PIFM the FI must have IRI privileges. So unless you have a CCC for the PIFM or hold a CPL there is no credit towards the Modular IR. Whilst IFT completed by a FI qualified to teach for the IR may be counted towards the CBMIR, then IFT conducted by a CPL FI who is not IRI qualified would have no credit.

10th Nov 2018, 12:59
Or, to put it another way: The BIFM is an integral part of the IR(A) and so if the ATO holds approval for the IR(A) it can clearly issue a CCC for the BIFM. However, as Whopity rightly points out, all training for the IR(A), including the BIFM, must be completed either by an IRI or by an FI qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI(g). Since an IRI cannot deliver training for the CPL(A), this training must have been conducted by an FI and, to issue a CCC for the BIFM, that FI must also have been qualified to deliver training for the IR(A). The instrument training that is included in a CPL(A) course conducted by an FI not qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI(g) provides credit for the BIFM only if and when the licence is subsequently issued.

10th Nov 2018, 14:14
But if the student got and hold a certificate of BIFM from that approved ATO, is that the responsibility of the student to check the licences of the instructor?..

10th Nov 2018, 14:44
For the ATO to issue a BIFM, it has to be in accordance with their Operations Manual/CPL manual. The qualifications for the instructor will be in the Ops Manual. So if an ATO issues a BIFM, then it can be used for the credit.

To stir things up - what about the IMC rating? All 15 hours can be credited on CBIR! (But only 10 hours of the course have to be conducted as IF)

10th Nov 2018, 15:33
To stir things up - what about the IMC rating? All 15 hours can be credited on CBIR! Do you have a reference for that? The CAA webpage (https://www.caa.co.uk/Commercial-industry/Pilot-licences/Aeroplanes/Competency-based-instrument-rating/) on the topic opens up another bag of worms
You can claim a maximum of 30 hours towards the 40 hours course if you have flown under IFR and IMC conditions under the privileges of an EIR, ICAO IR or IMC/IR(R). You must have completed:

a minimum of 10 hours of instrument flight time under instruction in an aeroplane at an Authorised Training Organisation.

A minimum of 25 hours of dual instrument instruction
What is an Authorised Training Organisation for the IMC?

11th Nov 2018, 07:47
The way that the IR(R) / IMCR credit has been described is somewhat misleading.

For the CB IR, the applicant needs to have a total of 40 hrs of instrument flight time (not 'IFR' flight time). Of this, 25 hrs has to be instrument flight training, with up to 15 hrs credit for previous training (e.g. for the IR(R) / IMCR) - which does NOT need to have been at an ATO! A further 15 hrs credit for instrument flight time (not 'IFR' flight time) gained as PIC for IR(R) / IMCR / EIR holders is also available - hence the 30 hrs total.

In other words 15hr IR(R) training + 15hr IR(R) PIC = 30 hrs; a further 10 hrs of instrument flight training is needed which MUST be at an ATO.

11th Nov 2018, 14:00
a further 10 hrs of instrument flight training is needed which MUST be at an ATO It rubs off, FTO!