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jez d
9th Nov 2018, 14:06

"China's state news agency has unveiled a virtual newsreader sporting a sharp suit and a somewhat robotic voice."

Given that the BBC's current journalistic prowess amounts to regurgitating Twitter-derived news and not much else, perhaps the Beeb could save some moolah by following China's lead? Validation shouldn't prove a problem as the BBC must have thousands of hours of data following the mass replacement of weather reporters with robots all those years ago.

9th Nov 2018, 14:26
What's AI News? Is it liKe regular news?:E


Ancient Observer
9th Nov 2018, 14:38
Oh, good.
Can I please have the news on BBC read by that gorgeous, becoming mature, lady on the Weather forecast? On balance I would prefer real to AI. Louise Lear might be, er, maturing and M + 2, but ................

9th Nov 2018, 15:01
What's AI News? Is it liKe regular news?:E


Artificial Information. It's a bit like artificial insemination but coming out of the bovine rear end...

9th Nov 2018, 15:14
Well considering the obscene sums paid to some BBC newsreaders, replacing them would save a few bob.

Ascend Charlie
9th Nov 2018, 19:00
Bring back M-m-m-m-max Headroom!