View Full Version : Is Australian exceptionalism saving the day-No shortage in Australia!

Rated De
8th Nov 2018, 05:54
Given the enormous investment is the status quo, Australian airlines hope that their strategy of convincing Australian pilots there is no shortage is holding....
To wit;

As yet operating 'pilot cadet' schemes
Network Aviation now operating A320 in Qantas (sorry Qantas link colours)
A former President knee deep in 'securing pilots'
Rumoured expansion of skill shortage visas beyond the original allocation, indeed the fields are being sown to include QF mainline, both simulator and pilot streams

Yet Little Napoleon may be watching back home in Ireland where Aer Lingus are having trouble once believed impossible at a 'legacy airline'.


Rated De
8th Nov 2018, 06:53
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Similar to your point perhaps? No rumours or news here, just the same old whipping frenzy disguised as some sort of analysis.

Apologies. the link was incomplete.
Then again a cursory search would show the link to the story, any search engine would do.

Thanks as always. By all means a rebuttal is welcome, personal jibes aside this story was in the news today.

8th Nov 2018, 07:05
Ok. Looks like I wasn't quite fast enough deleting my original post!

bazza stub
8th Nov 2018, 07:32
In my company it’s a small number of “*****” providing a small pocket of hope for managers. There IS a shortage of pilots willing to pay for a $hit job, that’s all.

8th Nov 2018, 22:14
........There IS a shortage of pilots willing to pay for a $hit job, that’s all......

Pretty much describes this “glamorous” career.

8th Nov 2018, 23:27
There's a whole raft of reasons why we have a pilot shortage I reckon. From the Airline bean counters who want more profit at any cost to no foresight by same. There's only one thing in the operating cost structure of an Airline that is directly available to that Airline to be controlled & that's the HUMAN element of it all. Minimum staff means more profits but that short term 'fix' has long term consequences that we are now seeing these days. The only other hole in the leaking ship of Aviation is that the job is no longer considered glamorous or well paid, IT & other industries are in vouge these days, flying a jet is just a job & not a considered life time career de expense just getting theret!
The answer? Well there is none for the foreseeable future, the world will be playing catch up for a very long time!

Chocks Away
9th Nov 2018, 01:40
That's right Mach' and it's a train wreck arriving right now!
Management in Australia by "knowing the cost of everything but the value or nothing", is coming home to roost, big time!
Start counting the parked-up aircraft already, where-ever you are and grab some pop-corn and your bean bag!

Pinky the pilot
9th Nov 2018, 09:39
Management in Australia by "knowing the cost of everything but the value or nothing", is coming home to roost, big time!

I would argue, Chocks Away, that some in Management would not even know the cost of anything!!

From the Airline bean counters who want more profit at any cost to no foresight by same.

Indeed, machtuk! There are quite a few people here in South Australia who are more than aware of what happens when organisations such as 'Private Equity companies,':yuk: the managers of which have zero knowledge of Aviation to begin with, get control of what were once quite successful Aviation businesses.:ugh:

Rated De
10th Nov 2018, 06:50
Those with academic exposure, would no doubt be aware of the corporate badge of entry; MBA.
These 'cookie cutter' courses are everywhere in the corporate sphere.
To those who have witnessed their content it is a sight. Not a shred of understanding of the industry, the company or indeed the process.
Literally the focus is on cost (as it is easily identified) with the usual few tricks, being outsourcing, contractors and in the case of Australia's main airline employer setting up endless half subsidiaries and using former union presidents to facilitate more supply from who knows where.
Ironically, despite their continued insistence that supply is forthcoming, it is not.

Airline management have predicated their relationship with employees (including pilots) on unlimited supply. As Aer Lingus offer 5,000 pounds for an Atlantic flight and


Fedex offer USD $110,000 bonuses, one might be inclined to ask how long until airline management in Australia realise their usual games don't work?
It might be worth watching the ASX for as the shortage grows, there will be losses of operating revenue that materially affect the forward earnings guidance. Perhaps this is the reason why one major airline is so reluctant to give any?

10th Nov 2018, 10:44
My understanding is that Nathan's role is to look at training, training pathways, ways to make training more efficient throughout the group, etc. IE his 'stream lead' is 'training'. Last I knew that role hadn't changed. Are you suggesting it has Rated De? Is Nathan involved in 457 Visa stuff for the subsidiaries?

12th Nov 2018, 23:33
Looks like there has been an interesting turn of events in Adelaide over at Fragrant Harbour: Adelaide walkout (https://www.pprune.org/fragrant-harbour/615340-adelaide-walkout.html) thread.
Two consequtive cadet courses have walked away from the companys COS18 offer and the third course is considering their position.
Xiamen Airlines stepping in to pick up the pilots fully trained at CX expense. WTW.

Poaching at the CPL training level, and on someone elses dime. Looks like the CX parasite may have become the host...