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7th Nov 2018, 21:17
Does anyone have a list of warm up or coordination exercises they use while flying to their practice area? Bill Kershners book on instructing gave me the idea to look for more but I haven't found any. While I understand students need straight and level practice, I feel that I should be making full use of what limited time I have with the student in the plane including the time before starting any flight maneuvers. If this is a naive question, please forgive me as I am new flight instructor.

8th Nov 2018, 06:11
It's a good point. For me it depends at which stage of the course the student is and how comfortable is with the flying.
If done SL already, introduce cruise checks, if cruise checks already introduced request a lower speed straight and level and then a faster speed SL.
If you can allow turns, slight turns to certain headings (30 left, 45 right, 15 left) . If advanced and posible, PFL. Or ask her him, what if the engine fails now?.


8th Nov 2018, 16:28
How far do you have to go to your practice area? The student should be allowed to practice anything they have already been taught, in the early stages practice is what they need, not additional mini lessons. Once you have completed the briefed training, then on return it may be opportune to show them a little bit of the next excecise as an introduction.

8th Nov 2018, 17:46
My briefings always begin with “after departure, I will (stabilise the aircraft) and) hand control over to you. During the transit to the exercise area you will consolidate x, y or/and z. On reaching the exercise area I will then demonstrate and teach you...”

Big Pistons Forever
9th Nov 2018, 00:04
For more advanced students the Dutch Roll is a good hands and feet tune up and Airgus posted some good ideas. Early in the PPL course I fly part of the way to the practice area while getting the student to start orienting themselves with a map ( eg what is name of that town over there, which way is North ?)

9th Nov 2018, 13:58
As there are comments here from both sides of the pond, as a new cfi you need to realise that the style of instructing differs somewhat. A European FI will have learned and practiced each and every Flight Exercise from beginning to end on the Flight Instructor Course. Once they start instructing they are just consolidating what they have already done.