View Full Version : Heathrow - 6th Nov - Incident requiring fire service

6th Nov 2018, 12:47
I was chatting to friend this morning while he was waiting to depart from Heathrow T5. At approximately 10 am he sent me a photo of an incidence that the fire service responded to, and I'm curious if anyone knows what happened.

It appears there may have been an incident/issue with a BA Airbus as it was entering runway 09R. The aircraft was there for some time with the fire service in attendance and several aircraft 'caught' behind it. Takeoffs continued but with aircraft entering the runway one taxiway further down.

I don't know if the affected aircraft was towed or made it's own way from the taxiway (my friend had to leave for one of T5's satellite buildings) but normal service appears to have resumed by the time his flight taxied to the runway.

Does anyone know what might have happened?