View Full Version : qantas club going downmarket?

5th Nov 2018, 06:38
yesterday in Melbourne the Qantas club now seems to be split in 2: "business lounge" and "qantas club". I went into the latter, and it was decidedly lean pickings in there. Compared v poorly to the Emirates business lounge in LHR that I visited a month ago.

Is this the way of the future?

Ancient Observer
5th Nov 2018, 16:39
Good lord! You didn't expect Qantas to do something for the slf, did you? Q is run for the senior staff and all the other staff. SLF are an inconvenient necessity.

5th Nov 2018, 18:39
In my experience,, any move to 'improve' 'refresh' etc. the service to customers - is actually the complete opposite.

If a new lounge is added, it is always for the 'upper orders' and the regulars get knocked down a peg.

6th Nov 2018, 18:48
Half of Australia seems to qualify for Qantas Club these days... not surprising they have to cut the freebies...

6th Nov 2018, 22:16
Many moons ago, Lufthansa introduced Senator Club for their top frequent flyers and the regular Biz lounge for those not yet in that club. Mostly when humans invent a club, lots of people will join it, then the club is too big and has to be sub-divided. One must maintain one's exclusivity.

7th Nov 2018, 18:52
6 or 7 years ago I joined the Qantas Club, and paid the fee of a several hundred dollars. It was a total waste of money. First time I visited,the food had run out. Only thing left was a couple of stale sandwiches with wilted lettuce. No sign of anyone re-stocking the food. All I could find was some awful burnt coffee bubbling away on the warmer. The second time was the same, food had gone and the place was packed, nowhere to sit.

I didn't bother visiting again and neither did I renew the membership.

Impress to inflate
18th Nov 2018, 22:47
I was in the Perth Platinum lounge the other morning whilst on my way home, as I walked in I was met by a sea of High Viz BHP Biliton workers. This must be costing BHP a freaking fortune if they are flying there staff to/from the worksite with Qantas on such an extent as they are ALL Platinum. I thought the Qantas Club upstairs was bad enough with High Viz but the Platinum lounge left me gob smacked.

You are right, the Qantas Club has gone down a bit in it's standards over the last few years. The old Darwin lounge was a joke but the new lounge seems to be coping

Bull at a Gate
19th Nov 2018, 04:57
Groucho Marx said “I wouldn’t belong to any club which would have me as a member”!

That’s how I feel about Qantas Club. If they let me join they would let anyone join.

19th Nov 2018, 05:53
Well...they are working very hard at keeping the inappropriately clothed “riff raff” (read: thongs) our. Have witnessed a series of unpleasant exchanges in recent weeks with people who are otherwise perfectly well attired being denied entry due to footwear

weirdly the stained and dusty high vis with steel toe caps is still considered appropriate smart casual attire!!

19th Nov 2018, 09:12
Those guys are flying week in week out and keeping the airline in business... your average holiday maker isnt anywhere near as important

Impress to inflate
28th Nov 2018, 22:25
BUT......how would you feel about sitting in the Q lounge, about to go on holiday or travel to work on business after a mine worker had been sitting in the seat previously who's high viz were covered in oil/grease and dirt and hydraulic fluid. Don't say it doesn't happen because I have seen it many many times before in Darwin, Perth Karratha etc. It's not about the average holiday maker but more about the business person in smart casual or a suite who gets said great/oil and fluids over their shirts and trousers. I don't mind the high viz I the lounge on the way to work but it's post work when they are covered that pi$$'s me off.