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5th Nov 2018, 02:35
Hey fellow peeps - I am in need of assistance. I am planning a company social event and want to include an assassin card game, but all the rules online do not match with my (failing) memory. It was not the "mafia" one, but similar. When I played it, it was one hell of a laugh and also lasted the whole evening. It went something along the lines of the following;

1. Everyone gets one card from a pack of cards. Everyone keeps their card a secret.
2. One of the dealt cards gets nominated an assassin - everyone knows which card this is but no who has the card.
3. The aim is for the assassin to kill as many people as possible WITHOUT being identified
4. To kill someone, the assassin has to show the victim his/her card (but not their identity). E.g. the card appears from around the corner and nothing else is seen.
5. You can only kill one person at a time (i.e. if two people see the assassins card at the same time, it is a failed attempt)
6. If you are killed, you hand your card to the evening moderator / MC
7. If the victim sees the face of the assassin, the assassin is ousted and thus everyone is safe. (As such it is a good idea to have two or 3 assassins to compete)

Has anyone played this, are there any other rules I have forgotten? I remember being "killed" while standing at a urinal and up through the window opposite me during the period of relief comes the assassin's card followed by an expletive-driven tired by one's self with much laughter. This is, of course, an honesty based game but is a lot of fun.

Has anyone got a link to more details on this?

Much appreciated!


7th Nov 2018, 18:23
I've never heard of it but it sounds fun so I just thought I'd bump it up for you. ;)

8th Nov 2018, 07:55
Thanks Turin, tis often hard to keep a company 'do' fun and people having a laugh. Too much organized stuff makes it boring and annoying with no socializing and not a enough boring as hell.

I does enjoy a laugh, with some socializing and a good dollup of drink.

Pontius Navigator
8th Nov 2018, 08:39
A dim and distant memory was Black Spot. That seems vaguely like your game.

Your assassin might put a 'black spot' on a handbag, in good folded napkin, on someone's shoulder etc. This can also be seen by everyone so reducing dishonesty. Same rule, don't get caught.

Biggest laugh of course from most improbable 'gotcha '. Obviously the 'black spot ' must not mark clothingclothing, furniture etc.

An example - assassin (male) secretes black spot (say a red rose petal) in tissue box in Ladies loo. As ladies usually go in pairs one will see the other caught.