View Full Version : Capacitors and cabbages. A couple of quick questions.

Loose rivets
5th Nov 2018, 00:44
Anyone know just what these plants are? They sprung up at the end of the hot summer and I have no idea what they are. I'm supposed to keep the garden nice but know little more than lawn-mowing.

The other thing is a capacitor which goes on an electric motor. It seems rather a large capacity for a non-electrolytic, but it says AC and has two red leads, so I'm assuming it's okay. I know there are Farrad caps about these days, but I promised I'd check.


Ascend Charlie
5th Nov 2018, 01:02
The faster they grow, the more likely they are weeds. it looks like Kale. Kill it.

5th Nov 2018, 02:14
It's a common polyester capacitor. It creates the out of phase current in one of the windings of a two-phase motor. If in doubt, measure it, I've seen them weaken over time.

Loose rivets
5th Nov 2018, 02:21
Not as curly as Kayle pictures I'm getting, but close. The way my finances are going, if I can eat it, I will.

The cap is new from ebay, so might well be any quality. Last motor service for skeet trap was 140 plus vat. It was just the capacitor.

5th Nov 2018, 06:27
Don't know much about capacitors. I would say the plant is quite probably a poppy.

5th Nov 2018, 07:10
Looks a bit like an opium poppy.

5th Nov 2018, 07:28
I think they're faradishes

5th Nov 2018, 07:31
That capacitor looks like a start cap.

Dont know what the green stuff is

5th Nov 2018, 08:42
As already stated, it's a typical motor start capacitor.

5th Nov 2018, 09:36
The leaves do look very like poppies.
Behind that are iris, and at the back is a spirea.

5th Nov 2018, 11:29
Some motor start capacitors are electrolytic and a centrifugal switch disconnects them when the motor gets up to speed. Others are polyester and are in circuit all the time. But I have seen electrolytic non-polarised caps - basically two electrolytics in series back to back used.

5th Nov 2018, 12:36
That unreadable stuff on the capacitor probably reads "do not hold between your legs"

Loose rivets
5th Nov 2018, 12:45
Well, not while running. :}

Back to back electrolytics. I'd no notion of such things. Live and learn.

Thanks for the info folks. One will hope for the plants to blossom forthwith. I assume they know the date.

5th Nov 2018, 13:31
Well, not while running. :}

Well it would chafe a bit, but only male runners would have difficulty keeping it there...


5th Nov 2018, 16:09
Thanks for the info folks. One will hope for the plants to blossom forthwith. I assume they know the date.
None of those plants will flower until next year I'm afraid.
But you'd do well to pull out all that spurge growing around the wanted plants. It's very invasive.

Thomas coupling
5th Nov 2018, 20:25
The plant could be a hybrid. The capacitor has a means of storing electricity.
Overall Loose Rivets I suspect you have here, the first ever new generation flower which runs on photosynthesis and electricity.
Amazing find.

Loose rivets
5th Nov 2018, 22:58
spurge - what dear little plants.

One likes anything that looks nice. I suppose it's one of the only god-like attributes I have. I'm mindful of that wonderful little piece written about an angel telling God about humans tearing up beautiful 'weeds' and making lawns. My grass was like that in Texas.

My neighbour, not my nice recent one, used to mow my wondrous sea of colours, and when I protested, he said, THEY'RE WEEEEEEDS!!!! No point in arguing with anyone in a hat that looks that silly.

5th Nov 2018, 23:59
I think they're faradishes

Oh well played Sir. Bravo.

Loose rivets
6th Nov 2018, 22:25
My mind is full of life's dross. My appropriately qualified professor son tells me that it's important for the brain to shed unwanted memories. I suppose that's what I've done wrong all my life.

faradishes. Hmmmm, missed that until TURIN spotted it. Nice one. However, deep, deep down a Walt Disney scene came to the fore. It was of radishes, and the invention of a machine that took the burp out of them. I may be embellishing the memory with a white glove, but there was a mechanical hand politely covering the machine's mouth for each burp.

The lifelong embellishment of memories is another thing I've become fascinated by in the last few years. A charming American professor spent a large part of her life remembering a death in a swimming pool as being along certain lines. Having become a researcher, a family? member corrected her recollection and convinced her she was creating false memories. Some vivid recollections of the war deep in my mind are now in doubt.

Must stop thinking so late at night.
Reason for edit. Oh, I'm so sorry . . . I left a comma out after researcher. I don't know what process failed to take place in my perfectionist mind, something that possessed me to make that error. I'm soooooooooo glad there's a big flag telling people I've made an edit. It is the public flagellation I need for such a transgression.

Welcome, fine annunciation, welcome.

7th Nov 2018, 09:33
Baby Triffids?

7th Nov 2018, 09:57
Baby Triffids?
Especially when you see the poppy flower stems emerging.