View Full Version : MEL Operations Question

2nd Nov 2018, 09:37
Hi people,

just wondering what limited runway 27 ops today? No NOTAMS.

the wind was 310/15g25. requests denied in general.

I thought 27/34 operation was a normal mode?

Capt Fathom
2nd Nov 2018, 10:19
Who knows? There may be a reason, but I doubt it.
It’s an Australian thing. Maximum inconvenience for the maximum number of people. :(

2nd Nov 2018, 11:17
Don’t worry, they’re building a parallel 27. That’ll fix it.

GA Driver
2nd Nov 2018, 22:45
Whilst you mentioned 27, is the ILS DME ever coming back? Seems to be a rolling ‘implementation delay’
Aus airports can’t seem to do too much in a hurry these days... *cough* hobart VOR *cough*

3rd Nov 2018, 00:29
Perhaps practicing for the new GLS34 App to see how many VCA's (potential) there will be next week !:-)

Mr Google Head
3rd Nov 2018, 02:25
Without pulling out my whiz wheel; it sounds like 27 was possibly the most in to wind runway - there seems to be an unwritten rule about avoiding into wind runways. 27 mainly used with quartering tailwinds. 😂