View Full Version : How do you recover an auto-saved post?

Loose rivets
1st Nov 2018, 17:54
I posted something on R&N and was more than a little disappointed to see it gone a while later. I wondered if there was a chance it had been held in autosaved but think probably it was culled by a mod.

It took some time to write, and I take a lot of care over posts in sensible threads be it R&N or the real science side of Quora.

Every aspect of that post's content has been discussed in one way or another before and after my post, quite often by self confessed amateurs.

I wonder how many of the posters spent several years on jet transport before even touching a sim. Also, some of the people I had to be with had never flown jet transport before. It got very, very interesting sometimes and it's as though all this experience is worth not-a-jot.

I noted Auto-saved go by on this a moment ago.