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28th Oct 2018, 22:57
Apologies for the aviation content, but I think I may be forgiven.

Australia lost one of our great conductors and music educators yesterday. As Richard Gill lay dying, a group of 70 musicians assembled outside his home and farewelled him with one of his favourite pieces, the Dam Busters March.

I can think of no better way to be sent off.

28th Oct 2018, 23:24
Band plays outside conductor Richard Gill's home. (https://www.pulse1.co.uk/news/video/impromptu-band-plays-outside-conductor-richard-gills-home-as-he-dies/)

29th Oct 2018, 01:01
Shades of Brassed OFF

29th Oct 2018, 02:35
What a lovely way to honour someone who obviously had a tremendous impact on many lives.

Ken Borough
29th Oct 2018, 07:29
A remarkable tribute to a remarkable human being. It could only happen in Oz!

I think it was more than 'shades' of Brassed Off in that it was a scratch band without any rehearsal, unlike the well drilled Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

29th Oct 2018, 07:47
Touching and what a great band!