View Full Version : Port Moresby (Jacksons) (Terminals) to close for 10 days for APEC

26th Oct 2018, 03:17
National Airport Corporation (NAC) office has undertaken that the Port Moresby Jacksons International / Domestic terminals will be closed for any international and domestic flights into Port Moresby during the period of the 9th 19th Nov,18 for the duration of the APEC Summit held in Port Moresby. Entry will only be limited to APEC meeting member arrivals only. A general media circular re this will be released soon, which would be floated for all travel plans both in country and international.

26th Oct 2018, 04:57

Sorry, according to the press release from the NAC, this is false news.

Apparently, there's an email doing the rounds in POM/ PNG that the airport will close but it's a hoax.

N.B. I'd guess there may be some restrictions when some of the official aircraft arrive, namely Airforce 2(the Donald isn't attending, so no AF 1), which is pretty usual when these things happen but they're not going to close the place down for 11 days.

26th Oct 2018, 06:07
Good to hear, it does make sense of course!
The close the terminals and prevent Air Nuigini from operating would mean no money coming in for Peter O'Steal to pinch.

26th Oct 2018, 06:42
And APEC is an acronym for...
closing the airport would be detrimental to the reason why APEC exists wouldn't it?

26th Oct 2018, 06:50
Of course it would be detrimental, but it is PNG after all.

26th Oct 2018, 08:26
Of course it would be detrimental, but it is PNG after all.
*Melanesia...nothing surprises me :}
a little slice of Africa close to home

27th Oct 2018, 21:33
If the new Bays fiasco is anything to go by NAC is out of their depth.

Jackson will have to close at certain points during APEC and I’m sure they will let us know on the day.

Holding fuel is you’re friend. ��

Duck Pilot
28th Oct 2018, 01:34
I'd certainly be carrying diversion fuel for suitable alternate during the peak periods, regardless of what the AIP SUP/NOTAMs and Stop Press say. I wouldn't be surprised if the major carriers operating into POM over the period cancel plenty flights once the rest of the world starts to descend onto AYPY. Single runway also doesn't help, particularly if the weather goes to crap or they end up with a disabled aircraft on the runway for any extended period of time.

29th Oct 2018, 01:15
The mind boggles at the possibilities for this shindig to go pearshaped.
Tootle pip!!

Duck Pilot
7th Nov 2018, 07:51
For those regularly flying into POM over the next few weeks, would it be possible to report on the problems particularly related to holding, delays getting airborne, parking issues and all the rest of it.

Any information with regards to normal RPT pax movements/disruptions going through both the domestic and international terminals would also be valuable.