View Full Version : Bassaka Air goes Bankrupt PNH

Dog Star
23rd Oct 2018, 02:26
Hope all crew will find suitable employment soon.


PPRuNe Towers
24th Oct 2018, 19:19
Brief report from the 16th October (http://www.movetocambodia.com/transportation/review-cambodia-bassaka-air/)


25th Oct 2018, 04:09
Sad news for all involved.

I flew them a few months ago as PAX. To be honest, I did wonder about the operation. Their two planes had very light schedules and they were flying planes half empty at dirt cheap fares.

It's a very crowded market in Cambodia with seemingly everyone and their mother setting up airlines.

25th Oct 2018, 07:25
Cambodia has a population of only 16 million and is very poor. Being relatively small and compact, road travel is still an option.

Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam in comparison have large populations with increasing wealth and air travel is the only practical option due to topography.