View Full Version : Julian Assange sues Ecuadorean government

Uncle Fred
20th Oct 2018, 03:40
Just finished reading an article by Douglas Murray in the Spectator ( behind a paywall) reporting that Julian Assange is suing the Ecuadorean government for cutting off his internet accesss. What a soiled nappy.

I will look for a non-payway link but this does not surprise me. Of course all the coward has to do is walk out the front door of the embassy. What a human waste pit that man is. Full disclosure: I think whistleblowers are critical to an honest and transparent society but there is a way to do it correctly and not the way he did it.

20th Oct 2018, 04:12
See wikileaks- Julian Assange thread.

Impress to inflate
22nd Oct 2018, 05:46
I want to see his face when he's given his B&B bill for 1000+ days of food and accommodation