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18th Oct 2018, 14:18
Iíve been working in the Middle East for the last 8 years under the GCAA and during my time I converted my JAA ATPL to an EASA one.
Iím returning to the UK at the end of the year and have noticed my EASA Licence doesnít have RT privileges on it which I guess is due to the old 10 year validity of the separate RT Licence.
Does anybody know how I go about getting it back on my Licence? Iíve emailed the CAA but not heard anything for a month.

18th Oct 2018, 15:48
This may be a straight licencing error, when you applied for the EASA licence it should have been issued with the RT privileges in section XII in page 3 of the licence.
Check to see if you have ELP in sectioin XIII. If you have, then this is clearly a licensing error however; if its not there, then you need to submitt a form SRG1199 notification of English Language Profficiency. Either way if you held an FRTOL with your JAA licence it should have been transferred to your EASA licence. There is no action required to annotate the FRTOL on SRG1104 the application for licence conversion.