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16th Oct 2018, 10:40
Look after the little fella, because


16th Oct 2018, 11:30
Winter penis is coming...

This headline writer is wasted at the BBC.

16th Oct 2018, 12:36
Does this mean if I stick it in the toaster it will grow bigger than my leg?

16th Oct 2018, 13:01
I'm saying Nothing!!!Seriously though, unless you walk around au naturel, it's your body temperature that really matters. And after 15 winters of -40c I can confirm that the BBC story is a load of ballcocks, both literally and figuratively(!) :}

jez d
16th Oct 2018, 13:08
Is that a chipolata in your pocket or are you just displeased to see me...?

16th Oct 2018, 13:11
It's just a nasty case of smallcox...

Bee Rexit
16th Oct 2018, 13:47
Winter isn't Coming.

16th Oct 2018, 14:40
Cut it out. A little less of the "little fella" if you please. :E

16th Oct 2018, 17:10
It's just a nasty case of smallcox...

.....or coldcocked.

16th Oct 2018, 17:17
My wife suggested getting a willy warmer...................................... She's an eighteen yearold blond called Sarah.

17th Oct 2018, 09:36
My wife suggested getting a willy warmer...................................... She's an eighteen yearold blond called Sarah.
But..Oh you mean the Willy Warmer is called that.

Krystal n chips
17th Oct 2018, 13:04
Winter isn't Coming.

This is true.

The reason being nothing to do with the headline, but, far more to do with an Excess staple, clearly orientated at the rags target market........the weather and the inevitable apocalypse that is foreseen to end life as we know it here in the UK.

Thus far, given the rags affinity for "that event " there has been no attempt to actually blame said organisation for the -50 C / 30ft of snow that will engulf the UK if it comes from an Easterly direction but, as the time gets nearer and the weather deteriorates as the Excess usually predicts, then all the readers know what's across the N.Sea and the Channel......... and who to blame when it arrives. .

Ascend Charlie
18th Oct 2018, 04:14
Winter penis is coming...

Thank goodness for that, it gets tiring lugging this massive thing around in my shorts.

18th Oct 2018, 07:46

18th Oct 2018, 09:47
More wrinkles than inches!

18th Oct 2018, 15:51
Polish lady of very matured years told me that in Kazakstan where she was sent in 1940 the Russian troops used to grab a handful of snow after doing a number 1 and rub their member with it.
Years later I laughingly told it to a Doctor and she admitted they were right in doing so, aside from a freezing knob they were killing off any infections / diseases that they had there.

Mostly Harmless
19th Oct 2018, 14:15