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Ollie Onion
16th Oct 2018, 04:22
any truth to the rumour that HNA is trying to offload its 19.8% stake in Virgin as it ‘want to stem its losses in the investment.’

16th Oct 2018, 05:25
You mean stem it’s OWN losses right?

16th Oct 2018, 06:25
HNA has been divesting many of its assets recently. Would make sense. But would anyone want it?

16th Oct 2018, 07:47
The HNA group are having a global asset fire sale as they are drowning in an ocean of debt. Don't worry, somebody will be interested... at the right price

Google and click the news tab.

https://cimg3.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1948x1584/screen_shot_2018_10_16_at_5_40_02_pm_52924f00a3858e1305b3272 990682f00b94b8949.png

16th Oct 2018, 13:18
Probably Singapore Airlines as part of a take over and privatisation.

16th Oct 2018, 22:07
About time Virgin took the Australian flag off their aircraft...

16th Oct 2018, 23:05
Stop stirring the pot again Ollie!!!!!! :ugh: Find something better to do. This rumour has been going around all year - since HNA got into financial troubles. It has been in the papers, it's been in the forums. It is old news... And before you post a lame come back, you know full well that if you were actually interested in knowing the answer to the question you asked, you would have just googled it yourself rather than asking on a place like this hahahahahahahahaha. :D

CAPA - Will a troubled HNA be forced to sell its Virgin Australia Holdings investment? (https://centreforaviation.com/analysis/reports/will-a-troubled-hna-be-forced-to-sell-its-virgin-australia-holdings-investment-396300)(January 2018)

BLOOMBERG - HNA's Virgin Australia Stake Is Said to Draw Bidder Interest (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-30/hna-s-virgin-australia-stake-is-said-to-draw-bidders-interest) (August 2018)

"Singapore Airlines Ltd. and Nanshan Capital, which each control about a fifth of Virgin Australia’s shares, are among the companies weighing a bid"
And then one week later...

REUTERS - Virgin Australia strategy, CEO search complicated by airline investors (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-virgin-australia-strategy/virgin-australia-strategy-ceo-search-complicated-by-airline-investors-idUSKCN1LL36K) (September 2018)

"HNA is not actively attempting to sell its holding, which is currently worth around 9 percent less than its 2016 entry price, but is willing to discuss inbound expressions of interest, said a source familiar with the situation on condition of anonymity. An HNA spokesman declined to comment."
"Singapore Airlines and Nanshan are not interested in buying the HNA stake, sources familiar with their strategies said on condition of anonymity. Singapore Airlines declined to comment, while Nanshan could not be reached immediately for comment."

AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS REVIEW - HNA seeks to offload its Virgin stake but rejects 17.5c offer (https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/dataroom/hna-seeks-to-offload-its-virgin-stake-but-rejects-175c-offer/news-story/2c1cf6b1e8aebd76a2614ccbfb124fae?fbclid=IwAR0dUiwdvmqziD9jen tnlAxSlGdZJDjbNLil3ZVuCt-aCjcKVaWbkkY3hPQ)

A consortium of US-based airline investors is understood to have offered HNA 17.5c per share to buy the package of 1.67 billion shares.
The deal was rejected and HNA is carrying out negotiations itself rather than through an appointed investment bank.

17th Oct 2018, 10:10
Thanks InZed.

Anyones guess in reality.

Ollie Onion
18th Oct 2018, 01:35
Wow, calm down Enzed, I got a company wide email 2 days ago with the headline that HNA was selling its stake in Virgin, I haven’t heard anything about it so thought I would ask on here as there are lots of Virgin pilots who probably can answer the question in a clearer manner than all the contradictory headlines that appear on google, I didn’t realise that trying to get a straight answer was ‘shit stirring’.

18th Oct 2018, 05:16
Which company was the sender of the "company wide email"?

Ollie Onion
18th Oct 2018, 09:34
It was a Jetstar email on 18th October.

porch monkey
19th Oct 2018, 00:07
What makes you think the pilots at VA would know anything about it? F2ck me, they don't tell us half of what goes on in the company as it is. I find it somewhat curious that news of that type would find it's way into a Company Email to the troops. Guess I shouldn't be surprised tho.

Mr Google Head
20th Oct 2018, 01:09
More interesting than share transactions; who will be the next CEO? Place your bets.....